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Wanted: animator or scientific animator

2 positions to fill, start as soon as possible!

You have:​

  • enthusiasm, energy, pep!

  • ease and pleasure in working with the public.

  • an animation experience with children (and adults too).

  • a certain talent in animation.

  • an expanded scientific culture, or curiosity.

  • a lot of meticulousness, rigor, planning.

  • a creative, imaginative, slightly crazy side.

We have:

  • flexible hours.

  • a challenging mission.

  • a crazy team.

  • a place of entertainment unique in the world.

  • a lack of routine.

  • respect and recognition for our team members.

  • two positions to fill - part-time - for the moment. 

  • a salary to be discussed according to your experience.

Together we can:

Continue to develop our science gamification innovation hub to help enhance scientific culture in Quebec and elsewhere. 

Science, teaching, theatre... Your background interests us, but not as much as your talent and your motivation! Surprise us!

If you are the ideal person, write to

We'll keep you warm!

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