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science game CENTER

The Bunker is a unique concept in the world, where science and game mechanics come together to offer visitors an unforgettable educational experience. 


Halfway between an escape room and a science center, players will be immersed in an extraordinary post-apocalyptic universe: underground laboratories. Participants will role-play newly recruited scientists and attempt to save humanity by performing real laboratory experiments. 

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3 apocalyptic missions

The Bunker offers more than 15 different activities for different clienteles. Among these activities, our 3 apocalyptic missions are specially designed for groups of teenagers and adults. Crazy interactive activities in an electrifying atmosphere and breathtaking demonstrations.

  1. Mission Biology: Find the antidote to a deadly disease. ( 14 years + ) 

  2. Mission Physics: Carry out a rescue operation to recover medical equipment. ( 12 years + )

  3. Mission Chemistry: Identify a strategic location for the survival of the human species. (12 years +)

Duration: 1:15 per mission

Capacity: 25 players per mission. 2 missions simultaneously. 50 players in total simultaneously. 

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A perfect location

The Bunker is located in Lévis, very close to Old Quebec, at the ferry exit. An ideal location to benefit from the Quai Paquet and the St. Lawrence River. 

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details and booking

Fixed rate per group,  a maximum of 25 people aged 12 and over per group.


Other activities are offered to children under 12 years old. Outdoor activities are also available. Do not hesitate to write in the comments of the estimate if you want more information on the other services offered.  

$250 + tx per group / mission.

Possibility of two groups simultaneously.

Each group can carry out one or more missions.

Activities are offered in English or French.  


10% discount granted from Monday to Thursday evening after 4 p.m.

Possibility to have food delivered and eat on site ($). 

Ask for a quote or for informations
Which mission(s)?

Thank you - an advisor will get back to you shortly.

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