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Fun and interactive conferences on daring subjects.


In the era of artificial intelligence

We talk a lot about artificial intelligence, but little about natural stupidity. However, we are all a little affected!

By our cognitive biases, by the short cuts that our brain likes to take, we are all at risk of falling into an irrational belief, of making bad choices, of adhering to dubious conspiracy theories, of putting up resistance to science .


In a playful and daring tone, the conference exposes the strengths and weaknesses of the scientific method as a way of understanding the world, as well as the faults of our brain, evolved to survive in knowledge. Some avenues are explored to sharpen your critical mind and to circumvent the flaws of our thinking and ultimately, make better decisions.


Duration: 1h30

Cost: $ 600 + travel costs

At the Bunker or elsewhere

Only in french



Behind-the-scene of animal sex

Do you have a twisted mind? Find out if humans are truly the most depraved of animals in a conference where science breaks taboos! You will find the answers to your most intimate questions: What is sex for? Is humans really monogamous? Which animal species has the largest balls? And the pleasure in all of this?


GENEVIÈVE COUDÉ, your lecturer, has completed a master's degree in biology on the fickle behavior of the Swallow Swallowtail. Writer and creator at Zapiens, her speciality is to combine humor and science!


Informed public, 16 years and over

Duration: 1h30-2h

Cost: $ 500 + travel costs

At the Bunker or elsewhere

In french only


Beer observe from the lab

Where do the colors and flavors of beers come from? What are IBUs and how do you measure the bitterness of a beer? How to make a strong beer even stronger? How to give back the sparkling back to a beer that lost it? Why do we burp so much when we drink beer?

JOËL LEBLANC, has been crazy about beer for several years. Editor and concepter, scientific journalist and founder of Zapiens, he's  interested (with humour) in the big and small science behind beer.


For ages 18 and over

Duration: 1h30 to 2h

Cost: $ 500 + travel costs + beers to taste

In french only




One hour show on the science behind the special effects of cinema. Viscous glue, burning tire marks, acidic blood that dissolves concrete: the cinema before computers needed scientists.
Short extracts from well-known movies are presented. Then the extracts are reproduced on stage with volunteers, special effects included.


Price: $ 450 + travel costs

- $ 200 per additional performance the same day

Audience: from 12 years old

Version for 6-12 year olds available

Capacity: 20 to 1000 people depending on the auditorium

Duration: 1 hour

In french only


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