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Deduction and logic games in an electrifying atmosphere. Come revive humanity by realizing laboratory analyzes.

In an immersive underground laboratory, a seasoned scientific animator will give you explosive post-apocalyptic survival tips.

Those games are open to the public in french. Our Bunkers are available in english for private groups only


A strange deadly disease has appeared among the occupants of the Bunker. Among other side effects, cognitive loss prevents them from conducting proper analyses.

In his biology laboratory, a researcher succumbed before finding the cure. Dig into his notes, complete his analysis, try to finish his work... save the lives of the Bunker survivors - and humanity!

But time is short, and you’ll have to be quick. People are waiting for your cure, not to mention the meagre reserves of electricity and the darkness that sometimes arrives unannounced.

11 years and over
Duration: 1h15
Cost: $60.9 + tx/team (1-6 participants)

Check the public schedule for the next open session.

Biology Mission
Chemistry Mission


The weather, combined with the questionable hygiene of the Bunker survivors, makes us fear the worst for our health. Outside, dangers abound, and yet only one solution seems possible: visit the nearest hospital to find something to cure us. Only, this one is in ruins, the access to the reserves of the fourth floor is impassable and even a part of the road collapsed...

During an expedition to recover medical resources, physicist Francine is injured and her 5 teammates are left to themselves. Grapples, pulleys, gears… the pitfalls are numerous and we will have to make the right decisions. You are in command to lead them safely to the end of the mission, but be careful: their survival (and yours) are at stake…

Check the public schedule for the next open session.

For families with children aged 9 and over
Duration: 1h15
Cost: $60.9 + tx/team (1-6 participants)



Physics Mission


Victim of its popularity, the Bunker has welcomed many survivors lately and overcrowding is causing many troubles. Our scouts have identified suitable sites for the construction of a new city. But is the water safe? Is the land arable? Are there any medicinal plants?
In the chemistry lab, it is up to you to carry out the analyses on the samples reported by the scouts. Determine, through science, the place of renewal.

​But we have to move quickly, because electricity reserves are scarce. The salvation of humanity will depend on your speed and the precision of your analyses...

For families with children aged 10 and over
Duration: 1h15
Cost: $60.9 + tx/team (1-6 participants)



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