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The ideal place for happy hours, office parties or birthday parties

The ideal place for office parties, happy hours or birthday parties!

Put your teams to the test by starting the evening with a scientific game in our immersive laboratories!

Celebrate your victory (or your failure) with some revisited cocktails in these post-apocalyptic times...!


The Bunker partners with various caterers. Multiple menu choices to fill the stomachs of the hungriest survivors!

Everything you need to enhance your evening: sound system, karaoke, internet, fridge, dishes, tablecloths, tables, chairs, apocalyptic lounge...
You won't miss anything despite the stakes of survival!


Capacity: 12 to 60 people

Cost: $95/person

Hours: 5 p.m. to midnight.

"Bring your own booze" evening


- A team building game

- The preparation of 3 molecular cocktails*

- A catered dinner

- Scientific entertainment for the evening

- Bunker facilities

*You must bring alcohol

Possible extras:

- A edutainment conference

- Change start and end times

Capacity: 8 to 75 people.

Cost: from  $125 / hour rental

$600 for one evening (5 p.m. to midnight).

Adjustment according to the number of people.


-The Bunker exclusively for your group

- Bunker facilities

Possible extras:

- A scientific game

- A fun-scientific conference

- Molecular cocktails
- bar service
- Catering
- Ticketing.

Formules et tarifs
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